How to play

  1. Pass out the response cards to each player/team. Everyone should have 4 answer cards marked A,B,C,D.
  2. Each player/team can take turns reading the question game cards (Trivia & Open-book).
  3. After reading the question, give players a max of 30 seconds to decide on an answer. (Any longer and your friend is cheating)
  4. The reader will then ask everyone, including themselves to wait and reveal their answers at the same time 
    1. 'Trivia' cards have the correct answer hidden in the red circle in the bottom right-hand corner 
    2. 'Open-book' cards are determined by:
      1. The answer selected by the majority of players. (5 Players, 3 say 'A', 2 say C then 'A' wins)
      2. If there is a tie, then no one is considered correct

Where is the answer to the trivia question cards? 

The answers to the trivia questions are hidden in the red circle in the right-hand corner of the trivia card. Place the magnifying decoder directly on the circle to reveal the correct answer. 

What are “Open-book” questions? 

Open-book questions are questions where the answer selected by the majority of players is deemed the correct answer. (5 Players, 3 say 'A', 2 say C then 'A' wins)

What happens if I lose my decoder?

Feel free to email us and we will send you a replacement free of charge. 


Where can I find more response cards? 

We are in the process of manufacturing packs of response cards to allow for more players. Until then subscribe to our email list to be the first to find out when they are released.